10 Effective Email Strategies to Increase Travel Sales

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Sending the right emails at the right time to potential customers is a sure way to boost the number of sales you make. Email is by far the most effective way to reach out both to existing customers as well as new ones. One of the biggest mistakes that travel providers make is not using email effectively. If you are not using the strategies covered in this blog post you’re definitely leaving sales that could have been closed on the table.

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TL Profile

10 Steps for Creating a Great Touristlink Profile

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Touristlink is a social platform where tour operators and others in the travel industry can create a free profile to promote their business. Once you list your tours and travel services they will be visible on Touristlink and may help you generate new business. If any travelers inquire about your tours or service we will pass on their details to you free of cost. We rank travel profiles for each destination using a variety of factors which include: membership level, completeness of profile and your activity on Touristlink.

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Effective Email Templates

Effective Email Templates for Tour Operators

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First impressions are the most important. Likewise, the first email you send to potential guests is extremely important. The first email always has better response rates than any follow-up email you might send.  We frequently see tour operators sending poorly formatted emails with little thought to the content. Here are some tips that will help you put together and format your emails to potential guests.

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7 Things Every Tour Operator Needs to Start Selling

By | Travel Sales | 7 Comments

Are you thinking about buying leads on Touristlink or upgrading your account to premium? Before you do read this article and make sure you are prepared to sell. If you don’t have basic business essentials in place you’re going to be wasting your money promoting your business. Getting leads and finding new customers is just part of the process. Our experience with numerous tour operators shows that if you want to be successful in making sales you need to have these 7 items in order.

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Getting Reviews from Travelers

6 Steps for Getting Great Reviews from Travelers

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If you already have an established travel business you probably already appreciate how difficult it can be to make sales before you have any reviews. If you’re just getting starting be prepared. The most difficult phase of any tour operators business is getting your first sales before you have any reviews. Once you have 5 or more good reviews it starts to build trust with travelers and making bookings gets a lot easier.

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Triple your Travel Sales: Master the Art of Email Follow-Ups

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Are you just sending one email to prospective guests and then forgetting about it? If so you are leaving a ton of sales on the table. A recent study by Hubspot shows that 44% of sales people give up after just one follow-up and that 80% of sales require five follow-ups. If you don’t have a strategy in place to properly manage and follow-up with your potential guests you’re leaving the majority of your sales on the table. There is a reason that 10% of the tour operators out there make 90% of the sales. Read on if you want to join the top 10% and see how to master the art of following-up.

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3 Ways an Email Tracking App Can Increase Your Travel Sales

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One of the best ways to improve your sales efficiency and conversion rate on leads is to make use of an email application like Yesware or Toutapp. These simple to use applications allow you to track who opens your email in real time, easily insert email templates into Gmail and to a/b test the effectiveness of different templates. Both applications are free for limited use and cost $10 to $20 a month for higher volume users. Here is a closer look at the 3 best reasons to install and starting using an email tracking application.

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8 Reasons You Are Not Closing More Travel Sales

By | Travel Sales | 14 Comments

Are you buying leads but not closing any sales? It can be frustrating when potential clients respond negatively or even worse just ignore you. Before you keep wasting money on leads you should make sure you have your own business in order. If you don’t inspire trust and create value for your clients they will be booking with someone else. Here is what you need to have in order before you can really expect to close a substantial number of sales.

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