10 Steps for Creating a Great Touristlink Profile

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  • September 14, 2020
TL Profile

Touristlink is a social platform where tour operators and others in the travel industry can create a free profile to promote their business. Once you list your tours and travel services they will be visible on Touristlink and may help you generate new business. If any travelers inquire about your tours or service we will pass on their details to you free of cost. We rank travel profiles for each destination using a variety of factors which include: membership level, completeness of profile and your activity on Touristlink. 

Having a complete profile will help you to build trust, attract more views and generate more travel leads. Here are 10 steps to get you started. 

1) Create an Account:  If you don’t already have an account you can sign up here: Touristlink Signup.

2) Add Your Personal Details: When you login for the first time. You are given the opportunity to complete all your account details step-by-step. 

If you already have an account you can update your details by clicking “edit profile”.
Not sure how to find this? See How.

3) Add your Business Details: Once you complete your personal details you will be given a chance to add your business details. Make sure you add as much information as possible. 

4) Add Your Travel Offers: The next step is to add your travel offers. To get started click “Add Deal” from the drop down in the upper right (check this image to see how). 

Add a clear and concise name for your travel deal and then a general description. You can pick several destinations to link to your deal. The next step will be to add photos to your detail and then additional details such as inclusions, itinerary, and terms and conditions. Once you have added these click save to publish your deal. 

If your deal is incomplete it may display an error which needs to be fixed before it will be published. 

5) Add References and Reviews: One of the best ways to build trust with potential travelers is with reviews and references. You can get started by inviting past clients to review your services at the following link or from the reference box on your profile page. Just enter the emails of your past client and you can use our premade template to send the request. Alternatively, you can email from your own account as well and ask for a review.

6) Create Lists and Photo Albums: You can add photo albums of the destinations you serve by visiting the photo album page. The best photos highlight the destination you serve. It’s a good idea to highlight past guest experiences as well as infrastructure such as your office, hotel or safari vehicles. Alternatively, you can club destinations together to create your own list of favorite places. You can download these in different formats and share with guests as well. Click here to add a list and see how it works. 

7) Get Certified: Certification is another way to build trust with customers and prove the authenticity of your business. To do this you will need to provide us documents verifying your business and upload our badge to your website. If you would like you can remove the badge once you are certified. This proves to us that you are the authentic owner of the business. We may share your documents upon request from travelers and you can be assured that no one else will be able to use your business details. Click here to start the certification process.

8) Review Your Profile: Once you are down working on your profile it should be near 100% completion. We have an easy to view slider on your profile page that will let you know which items are missing or still pending.

Having a complete profile with all the details of your travel service is the first step to getting business from Touristlink. If any travelers inquire about your tours directly we will email you with the details at no cost and you can contact them directly. 

9) Go Premium: We have two options for premium members. Premium members always rank higher in Touristlink and the option of buying leads allows you to find new customers and really scale your business. 

Subscription Service: We recommend subscription services for tour operators offering lower priced day tours and other travel services such as transport and accommodation. Check out our different subscription options starting at as low as $19 per/month.

Paid Leads:  A lead is essentially a potential customer and includes the travelers trip details as well as name, email, phone, Whatsapp and additional information. You can purchase leads interested in your destination with credits. To read more about how purchasing leads works read: How to Find & Buy Leads on Touristlink

10) Questions or Need Help? Still need help getting your profile up to speed? Feel free to email us at support@touristlink.com with any questions and we will get back to you right away.

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