How to Find and Buy Leads on Touristlink

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  • September 14, 2020

Getting started is easy and in just a few minutes you can be on your way to contacting travelers and closing sales. Just follow these step-by-step instructions.

Step 1 – Create a Free Touristlink Profile

Go to the sign up page and create a free profile click here. Remember that your profile details will be visible to travelers so it’s worth making sure you fill out all the details and add a good picture of yourself or your company logo. Adding details, pictures, travel deals, references, reviews and information about your company will help you establish your business on Touristlink and gain trust with travelers. 

For more suggestions read: 10 Steps for Creating a Great Touristlink Profile

Step 2 – Go to Your Lead Dashboard & Search for Travelers to Contact
To find leads just click “Travel Leads” from the drop down.
To find leads just click “Travel Leads” from the drop down.

Now you will be on your lead dashboard as seen below.

How to Search for Leads

You can enter the destination (select a country) to see the leads related to that country. Next filter by inbound, domestic or outbound. If you are selling safaris in Kenya you should enter Kenya as the destination on the Lead Page and select inbound travelers as the filter.

You can get additional details about the lead before purchasing it by clicking more details. If you have credits you can click the green “Buy Now” button to get all of the traveler’s details. Here is what a lead looks like once you purchase it (click here).

Touristlink provides quite a bit of data on each lead for free so you can determine whether it’s worth buying. Before you buy a lead you can check the traveling destination, arrival dates, specific requirements, the traveler’s country of origin, ip address, budget range and how the lead was verified. Once the lead is purchased we provide you with the traveler’s phone number, email, best time to contact, as well as the Touristlink and Facebook profile if available. Touristlink guarantees that every lead purchased is a genuine lead from a real traveler. Read the full policy.  Even if the lead is verified it’s still up to you to make the sale. Before buying leads I suggest you read “8 Reasons You Are Not Closing More Travel Sales.”

Step 3 – Set up Alerts

The sooner you can respond to new leads the better chance you have of them being interested and contacting you. We can send you an email alert whenever a new lead is generated for your destination. Click here to set up alerts.

YIf you are interested in getting inbound travelers from all countries you can check the first box “anywhere” as shown above. The second box Travelling Country would be where you sell your tours. Once you have a lead alert set up you can manage the frequency with which you get emails or turn it off entirely.

Step 4 – Purchase Credits

Leads are purchased with credits which come at a cost of 4 credits for $1 USD. The price of a lead depends on where the traveler is coming from as well as the destination. For example, leads from domestic travelers in India and Southeast Asia often cost around $1. Whereas, leads from inbound international travelers looking for a safaris package in Africa might cost from $3 to $10.

You can buy credits here:

We accept payments via Paypal as well as all major cards but they have to be authorized for international purchases. If your credit card is declined when trying to make a payment we accept a number of alternate methods for payment (click here).

Step 4 – Making the Sale

Now that you have the potential customer’s information it’s up to you to make the sale! We suggest you get in contact with your new potential Now that you have the potential customer’s information it’s up to you to make the sale! We suggest you get in contact with your new potential customer right away before he decides to buy somewhere else. You should be closing at least 3 or 4% of the leads that you buy. We have some agents that close up to 8% of the leads they purchase. Here is some good reading to brush up your sales skills:

  1. 8 Reasons You Are Not Closing More Travel Sales
  2. 11 Simple Tips to Double Sales from Travel Leads
  3. 5 Steps Tour Operators Can Take to Create a Powerful Website
  4. 10 Effective Email Strategies to Increase Travel Sales

Still have questions about buying leads. Read our – Frequently Asked Questions or drop me an email at

About David Urmann

PhD Ohio State. Led the development of over 100 websites since 2003 resulting in 150 million+ page views. Moved to India in 2006 to expand my existing US based internet business and met my present business partner. I am an avid traveller having visited over 40 countries and launched Touristlink out of my passion for travel.


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